The original intention for the ‘Underachiever’ video was the ‘Live’ footage video. Somewhere between intention and actualisation, footage was taken of a Kick Boxing fight in Wolverhampton, arranged by the club ‘Eclipse’.

For kicks we decided to do a fight edit and use Underachiever as the background music. The result of which is this video. Because we never set out to shoot the video FOR Underachiever, there were limited shots to construct a definite story-like structure, but we did the best we could.

For us, it mirrors the song both audio / visually – the fast hi-hat and flickering background light, the minimalist melody and the slow motion footage, the powerful chorus mirrored by the grace and power of the sport…

And metaphorically – the loose story of a someone overcoming adversity to victory.
…and slow motion fights are cool. Did you see the veins tighten and the skin ripple?
Shot accidentally and edited purposefully by J. Turner & A. Sharma

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