The concept for the video stemmed from an abstract sensation – felt during the slow ‘break’ part of the the song. With closed eyes, I could picture the world slowing down to barely visible movement. Everything started to lose gravity and feel dream-like. This was our starting point.

As we had no budget and little time, it made sense to do a performance video – We knew we would have to trade off on getting what we saw in our heads, onto film. The challenge, now, was to come up with an idea that would:
(a) keep each part different and engaging
(b) give some kind of representation of the band and the live impact of their music
(c) still try to capture and convey that lucid ‘sensation’ – in whatever form that may be…

What we’ve ended up with is (hopefully) something that looks graceful. It can be contextualised in many different ways, but what it is, is the first video of a band called Ex Libras.
This video could no have been done without the following:
James T, David G, Aaron G, Arun S, Aaron M, Alex R, Alexandra P, Alice & Ashley B, Ben S, Beth D, Dave B, Davey H, Diana S, Emily W, Iona R, Joanna R, Kerrie M, Lisa M, Michael K, Paula M, Sarika S, Thom H, and finally Rich @ the Grey Horse.

Single available as free download 26-OCT/2009
Video by J. Turner & A. Sharma
Music by Ex Libras

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