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We rehearse and write in a disused and converted SHED somewhere in Greater London. The walls are made of planks of wood, which we reinforced with wooden batons, and filled with rock-wool, and loft insulation, and sealed up with 2 tonnes of knaufboard, on top of which we draped sofa throws (blue & white). We built internal doors and built a small elevated ‘drum riser’ made of odds and ends of carpet, and rock-wool, and wooden boards, and planks. It took us 6 months to finish – which is longer than we’d been together by that point.

It used to be owned by a model railway enthusiast who used it to house his model railway set. From the scraps we found whilst clearing it out, it seems like he made his own little world in there. I think we would’ve got on, even if he might not have liked the music. Perhaps we wouldn’t have like his railway set… Who am I kidding. It would’ve been amazing.

I like to think it’s always been a place to allow it’s occupants to play and dream and escape. It’s our own little micro-universe. Everyone should have one. Getting lost in something is a joy – cooking, words, music, sports, music, model railways… Creativity isn’t reserved for a special few. Anyone can be (and should be) creative. Because when you boil it down, what’s the difference between losing yourself in model railways or music?





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